Friday, December 2, 2011


Greetings and welcome to the new blog for Positive Anti-Crime Thrust, Inc. This site is being launched to allow us to provide more immediate access to information and resources that are affecting our community.

Our goal continues to serve as a community resource for those of us that believe in justice and see all to little of it in the processes and practices of the criminal justice system of America. Please take a moment and subscribe to our blog, or if you prefer, “like” us on Facebook (Positive Anti-Crime Thrust).

As we provide various information and commentary, please be sure to share your thoughts and ideas. There is no monopoly on great ideas. We would especially encourage you to share programs that you are engaged in, which are working, so we can communicate that to the broader community. Also, be sure to inform us of your justice oriented events and activities so that we can include them on our Facebook calendar.

Thank you for checking in, and we look forward to teaming with you and your organizations to bring real justice to America.

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