Note from the CEO

There is nothing more important for the African American community today than to take the initiative in addressing the problem of incarceration and physical and mental debilitation of our youth. The recent report from Loyola University and Hull House, and its observation that while the vast majority of drug users are white, the vast majority of those imprisoned for drug crimes are black, only serves as the most recent evidence that "something is wrong".

While we may not have all the answers, two things we are sure of  there is no quick fix and there is no fix at all if we don't do it ourselves. At PACT we believe the most valuable thing we can do is serve as an information resource, both to serve the community with factual information they can use to address existing bureaucratic institutions and to educate our political leaders. We also strongly believe that as we identify the issues, obstacles and potential solutions to this expansive array of problems, the community must hold its leaders accountable for what they do (or don't do) to address practices within the criminal justice system that impact on our very survival.

By finding your way to our web site, you are most likely a friend of the cause. I would personally encourage you to become involved in this effort. By giving a bit of your time, intellect and/or financial resources you can help us make justice real in our communities.